My Mom Lied to Me

(credit: Wikipedia)

(credit: Wikipedia)

I remember always bothering my mom with a hundred, random questions as a little kid. “Where do babies come from?”, “Do teachers live in the school?”, and “Are we there yet?” were always some of my favorite things to pick her brain about. Even though I was too young to notice her blood boiling, she always would humor me and answer nicely. I remember one day playing with my Hot Wheels cars and screaming at her in the kitchen “Can I be a fireman when I’m older?”. Just like any other parent, she told “If you believe enough you can make it happen”. Looking back at that answer, I realized my mom lied to me.

She was right about one thing. Anybody has the possibility of becoming anything. That is the great thing about life, we have the choice to do what we want. My mom always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. From school work to wrestling, she was pushing me to achieve my goals. But there was one thing she left out when I was rolling my toy car along the carpet. Believing in yourself isn’t enough.

I have heard countless of speeches, presentations, and lectures dealing with believing in ourself. It is true, we need to believe in our goals in order to make them happen. But that doesn’t me once we visualize ourselves achieving our dream, we can sit back on the couch and turn on the television in anticipation for it Β to happen. The minute we realize what we want, we need to take that first step and work towards it. Think about it this way: Michael Jordan didn’t win a NBA championship by going to sleep after he realized that’s what he wanted.

Michael Jordan has gone through highs and lows to achieve the success he had (credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Jordan has gone through highs and lows to achieve the success he had (credit: Wikipedia)

We may not know exactly how to get to where we want, but the best way to figure it out is to keep moving forward and pushing ourselves. We need to take every opportunity we are given and use it to our advantage. There are going to be sometimes when nothing seems to be working out and we just want to call it a day. These are the moments that separate the people that are successful from the ones who give up. It is the person who pushes themselves to go that extra mile and get back up after failing that achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

While I don’t want to be a fireman, I still have goals in my life that I want to accomplish. I have daily tasks I try to achieve that help me to work on my big goals. I believe in myself just like everyone else should with their life. I have had good days and I have had horrible ones. But I try and push through the bad ones by constantly reminding myself it will be worth it in the end when I get to where I want to. I’m glad my mom taught me that valuable lesson early on. If I never learned to believe in myself, I never would have realized all the hard work it takes to achieve your goals.

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38 Responses to My Mom Lied to Me

  1. Well spoken. I love how you share in terms of your expressive writing. Thanks.

  2. addisoncrow says:

    That’s right! I work with children and a lot of them are convinced they are going to just walk into their dream job and never have to do anything they find boring, or start at the bottom and work up. I don’t know about kids in your area, but anything requiring more than a minimum effort is deemed impossible, or not worth doing. That makes me sad. I do what I can to show them otherwise, but it’s an uphill battle!

    Keep on believing – that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning πŸ™‚

    • It’s great to hear someone is taking time out of their life to help children. You should be proud of yourself for doing something so rewards. Growing up, most of my friends just opted out of trying to do something extraordinary. If they tried it out and it was too much to handle, they would give up and just be happy with hanging out and doing nothing. I have given up on many things in my life, but I realized that the people who succeed are the ones who keep pushing. It is going to be tough and a lot of days are going to be hard, but you need to work through those days in order to accomplish your goals. I hope other people start realizing anything in life takes hard work. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m glad to hear you believe in what you do too πŸ™‚

  3. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    Great post about goals and pushing for what you want.

  4. LaurenSal says:

    Very true !! Brings to mind the quote “God helps those who help themselves.” A very important lesson that we all need to be reminded of

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting πŸ™‚ I think if we make that first step and keep pushing through our journey, we will be thankful for it in the end. Hope you come back for another Cup of Joe.

  5. snowgood says:

    When we try to achieve things there are sometimes forks in the road. We may end up some place we’d never have imagined. That place may be better than we dared to hope. One thing’s for sure sitting on our couches will never get us anywhere.

    • I agree 100 percent with this comment. We can’t achieve anything unless we put our heart and hard work into it. We need to live in reality at the same time. We may not end up where we planned, but the new destination could be better than we had hoped. As long we we are productive and working, we will always be moving forward. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  6. Sarah C says:

    Well said! I’m a big believer that anything worth having is worth working for πŸ™‚

    • Exactly. I read online that if something comes easy than it isn’t worth trying. If we really want something, it’s going take a lot of hard work with ups and downs. The most important thin to do is keep pushing and eventually all the pieces will fall into place. I’m glad you enjoyed.

  7. Hit follow and like cause I want to and do

  8. Jayde-Ashe says:

    Excellent post, so true! I think particularly in this day and age (do I sound old) kids are absolutely told that they can have everything, be anything, do anything, yet their parents and teachers often do it all for them from a young age. So as you say they have no concept of hard work or effort. (I am making generalisations here, I know, but I’m sure you will forgive me!)
    Thanks to Charles for re-blogging so I found your blog!

    • I am really appreciative that Charles re-blogged this as well. It means a lot to me that he enjoyed it so much that shared it to others. Growing up, I was told exactly what you said but didn’t understand that I needed to be ready to put in the hard work and dedication. Thankfully, I have realized that now and I’m more motivated than ever before. I’m glad you enjoyed your Cup of Joe and I hope you come back soon πŸ™‚

  9. vicjitaru says:

    Very well written. Great post! πŸ™‚

  10. Swept.Out.To.Sea says:

    I started reading and you totally sucked me in. Love your blog and the random thoughts that you publish!

  11. Josh Rhyne says:

    I actually agree with how your mom handled it! On one hand, I agree that it is hard work that gets us where we want to be in life, but on the other I see kids saying that they want to be astronauts, play in the NBA, sail around the world, start their own business at 12 years old, etc. and by the time they hit their 20’s, the world has just beaten all of those hopes and dreams out of them and they’re content working a safe 9-5 job. It was refreshing to hear you’re take on it! Great post!

  12. Absolutely! Very inspiring. Thinking, dreaming, planning even deciding won’t suffice to achieve a goal. It needs a push coming from our own faith in it and action to have the its reality. Thanks for sharing!

    • Your welcome and thank you for commenting. If we really do believe, than we will want to push ourselves as much as we can to make it happen. Through the ups and downs, we won’t stop or give up. I hope more people can adopt an attitude like you said.

  13. Kayla says:

    Beautifully said! It’s so easy to dream of the life you want, but seldomley do we actually actively peruse what we want!

    • This is the sad fact of life. People can say they want something and do nothing about it. We need to chase after it and make it happen. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back for a refill for you Cup of Joe πŸ™‚

  14. ladyelenauk says:

    Very Inspiring read. I also think keeping our mind-set motivated,by reading books helps us not to give up on pursuits. There are some books that just make you see life from a different perspective. Cheers.

    • That is a great point I didn’t cover. We always need to expand our horizons and reading is a great way to do that. It will allow us to think of situations from a perspective we never thought of. Thanks for reading and the great suggestion πŸ™‚

  15. This is a great post. I was already planning on telling my daughter to believe in herself and her dreams but you reminded me I will also have to tell her how she has to work for what she wants. I’ll remember this as she gets older. Thank you

  16. muddledmom says:

    It’s hard to be a parent and tell your kids they can be anything they set their minds to. But I think the harder part is instilling in them the value of trying and not being afraid to fail. Or trying and trying harder.

    • It is a hard point to teach someone so young, but it will pay dividends in the long run. No matter what, children need to know that they can achieve anything in life. But it will require a few failures that they can bounce back form. Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  17. grannyK says:

    Beautiful πŸ™‚

  18. Joan Spiller says:

    I must be a bad Mother, if my daughter asked me that I would say to her: “it all depends how hard you work to make it happen”. I love your blog and thoughts, thank you for visiting mine so I could “meet” you πŸ™‚

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