Going Away

I’m going away this weekend from blogging for a bit. I will be back and hopefully feel refreshed and renewed. I hope anyone that reads this will understand and come back to read more once I write again.

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Gotta Do What We Gotta Do

Sorry for the late post. Today was a very long day and the week isn’t even over. I had to get a lot of errands done and ran around all over the place. Tomorrow, I will be forced to do this all over again. I will make this very short and sweet and I hope everyone understands. We sometimes have to do things we don’t want to in life. It is inevitable that  the things we enjoy the most will sometimes require doing stuff we don’t particularly enjoy. We just have to remember that it will be worth it in the end. Nothing is worth going after if it comes easy.

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Alone at the Movies

Before I graduated high school, I had an awesome teacher that I really looked up to. He was this young guy that was really laid back with a few tattoos covering his arm. I always looked forward going to his class because he not only taught us the subject but also lessons we would run into in life. On the last day of class, he said something that really hit home. He told us we are now going into the real world, and somedays are going to hit us harder than we have ever been knocked down. If we can’t snap out the funk, jus remember we can always get lost in a good movie instead of doing something stupid.

Instead of pigging out on some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or going to a bar, I decided I would finally go see The Hangover Part III. As the lights dimmed and the preview started rolling, I realized I was the only person in the whole theatre. At first I thought it was pretty cool, how many people can say they had a private viewing for a movie. Then, a million scenarios ran through my head and I decided it was a little more scary than I planned.

As I enjoyed the end of a great franchise, I looked around and the fear of a crazy axe murder chasing me through the aisles changed into a deeper feeling. All of these seats were organized around me, but they were all empty. No one’s phone as vibrating, someone wasn’t coughing, and no crunching noise from a guy obnoxiously eating popcorn. The only thing that was telling me I was conscious and not dreaming was the light from the big screen.

In this big world filled with billions of people, we won’t even be able to connect with one percent of them in our lifetime.  And most of the people we will meet, we most likely will forget about later on in our life. One of the reasons why I enjoy writing so much is because I get to connect with people from all over that I wouldn’t be able to. One question popped into my mind as I finished the film. Even if this theatre was packed, are we all alone in this world with a single light of life only connecting us?

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