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Fast, Furious, and Family: Not A Movie Review

Last night, I probably saw on of the best films of the summer and possibly the year. If you’re not a fan of action or fast cars, then you probably didn’t rush to the theatre to see the new Fast … Continue reading

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My House Got a Facelift

With summer pretty much here, it’s that time of year when everyone calls in their landscapers to mow the lawn and spruce everything up around the house. One neighbor had the whole street blocked off with every contractor, roofer, and … Continue reading

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My Mom Lied to Me

I remember always bothering my mom with a hundred, random questions as a little kid. “Where do babies come from?”, “Do teachers live in the school?”, and “Are we there yet?” were always some of my favorite things to pick … Continue reading

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The Black Sheep of the Week: Sunday

If any day of the week is a double-edged sword, it has to be Sunday. Those extra, few hours of curling up under your covers is not as relaxing as you would like because of the daily grind of the … Continue reading

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Positivity Outweighs Negativity

Throughout life, we interact with so many people that it’s hard to not get caught up in all the drama and stresses each person has. I found myself this morning only fixated on all negatives of my “friends” and acquaintances … Continue reading

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A Handshake Broke My Wrist

Our hands were locked in a firm grip that even a group of caffeine-crazed middle schoolers couldn’t break in an intense game of Red Rover. He looked me dead in the eyes as if he was waiting for me to … Continue reading

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