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Alone at the Movies

Before I graduated high school, I had an awesome teacher that I really looked up to. He was this young guy that was really laid back with a few tattoos covering his arm. I always looked forward going to his … Continue reading

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Fast, Furious, and Family: Not A Movie Review

Last night, I probably saw on of the best films of the summer and possibly the year. If you’re not a fan of action or fast cars, then you probably didn’t rush to the theatre to see the new Fast … Continue reading

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Connection Beyond Words

What would you do if your soulmate was halfway across the globe and spoke a totally different language that you didn’t understand? Would you try to make things work and go through the daunting task of learning a new dialect … Continue reading

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The Place Beyond the Pines Review

Last night, my girlfriend and I decided to skip the crowd frenzy that was happening for The Great Gatsby and instead watched The Place Beyond the Pines. The trailer caught my eye because with the pairing of two of the … Continue reading

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Iron Man 3 Review: The Armor Has Been Cracked

Kicking off the summer movie season, Iron Man 3┬áhit the big screens this weekend with much anticipation. I was more than ready to drown in a tub of popcorn as Tony Stark cracked witty remarks, saved the world, and just … Continue reading

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