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The Worst Fairytale For Children

As a little kid, I remember when my mom read me the fairytale “Jack and the Beanstalk”. It was crazy to think that a boy could climb all the way up a stalk that touched the sky, fool a giant, … Continue reading

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My Mom Lied to Me

I remember always bothering my mom with a hundred, random questions as a little kid. “Where do babies come from?”, “Do teachers live in the school?”, and “Are we there yet?” were always some of my favorite things to pick … Continue reading


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Unfairness is a Blessing

I’ll admit, I have been attacked by the green-eyed monster called envy. Who hasn’t been jealous of another person or even a friend? I believe it is the one feeling that a ¬†toddler and a full-grown adult can share. I … Continue reading

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