The Greatest Pick Up Line Ever

The funniest thing to watch is a person awkwardly try to hit on a girl. In their head, they

Fonzie didn't even need pick up lines because he was so smooth. (credit: Wikipedia)

Fonzie didn’t even need pick up lines because he was so smooth. (credit: Wikipedia)

think they are like Fonzie from Happy Days with the cool, leather jacket and suave moves. This guy will puff their chest out and concentrate as hard as they can to try and impress this complete stranger. If it goes well, they will run off to their friends giggling like they were a teenager that got an autograph from a celebrity. What cracks me up the most is that it never plays out in reality how it did in their head.

Most times, this person will go up to the girl very anxious and nervous. Two things run through the girl’s head at this point. One is that he is crazy and the other is he might mug her. Once the boy starts mumbling because he can’t get the right words out of his mouth, she will most likely think he is just nuts. Unfortunately, the person being hit on is put in an awkward position now. She can’t just run away from this kid while he is talking like he has marbles in his mouth. If he really is crazy, he might actually go after the poor girl. Now, she is stuck with the dilemma of humoring him and pretending to be interested.  If he’s lucky, the guy might end up with a number but it won’t lead anywhere. How can you expect to start a relationship after an unnecessary, awkward encounter?

I have seen plenty of strangers and even friends hit on random women like that. And every time, I just see anxiety all over the girl’s face. If I was an attractive female, I wouldn’t want a guy to hover over me like a piece of meat if I was shopping for tooth brushes at Walmart. While some people live and die by picking up girls with books even based around it, I feel it’s very fake and immature.

I look at relationships like friendships. The best way to start off meeting someone is to just be honest. Why are you going to pretend you are someone you aren’t? You are pretty much already starting the relationship off on a lie and nothing good will come from that. You’ll be more happier attracting people that actually enjoy you for who you are than people who are superficially into you.

The best relationships are always the ones that start out as friendships. When I met my girlfriend for the first time, we started off only as friends. Every time we were together, we were able to talk and really connect. It wasn’t awkward because neither of us was trying to force unwanted expectations on the other. Eventually, we became so close that we realized we cared about each other more than just friends. It’s the best feeling to know that my girlfriend is not only someone I care about but my best friend I can talk to about anything. I might not have used any moves I learned from Fonzie, but I was glad to find a true relationship by being myself.

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56 Responses to The Greatest Pick Up Line Ever

  1. suzie81 says:

    As always, a great post!

    Best chat up line I’ve ever received:
    “Nice shoes… Fancy a f*ck?”. I was too shocked to do anything other than laugh and walk away…

    • I actually just laughed reading that. How can you expect to form a relationship or even a mutual respect when you greet someone like that. Instead of saying something so off base, they could just be polite and be themselves.Unfortunately, I don’t know if some guys are being themselves when they say stuff like that. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed your Cup of Joe 🙂

  2. I think a lot of relationships start as friends, but I do know quite a lot of people that did the sudden pick up. Not idea how they did it.

  3. D.L. Kamstra says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I worked at a mall at one point, and was in the food court eating my lunch and looking through a book I had just bought, and some guy just came and sat across from me. The first sounds he made were definitely just mumbles, all though I recall hearing something about polar bears. I shook my head and asked him to repeat himself, to which he replied, “now that I have broken the ice.” Later I read on list of pick-up lines the one he was trying to use. Either way, the conversation was awkward and uncomfortable, and filled with small talk that wasn’t going to go anywhere.

    • I really hope more girls or even guys comment with the pickup lines they have heard. I find it strange that a random stranger would go up to you and say something like that. No matter how many books or websites promote it, I don’t think any of those lines really work. Thanks for reading and sharing that hilarious story 🙂

  4. the marionette says:

    I don’t think pickup lines ever work. They make me cringe or laugh out loud. The simplest ones work the best, like ‘Hi, I’m XX. What’s your name?’ Funnily enough, these usually lead to friendships which sometimes, deepen further into relationships. Friends. We all need them don’t we? 😉

    • I agree. The best way is just to polite and honest. The first time I met my girlfriend, I didn’t go up to her and start mumbling pick up lines. I just was nice and introduced myself and we hit it off. I think thats the best way not only for relationships but for friendships as well. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back to refill your Cup of Joe 🙂

  5. belsbror says:

    Sound advice. Experience is always the best teacher, so they say. Great post. Keep it coming!

  6. goddesslyv says:

    I whole heartedly agree with you. I’m the MoH at a wedding next month where the grooms opening line to her in a bar two years ago was ” You look like you like to have your hair pulled”
    Sometimes it works. At least, for her sake, I would hope it works in the long run.

    • That is crazy to think that’s how a relationship started. I guess your friend likes getting her hair pulled? Either way, all that matters is in the end they are happy. Congrats on being the MoH and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Mocha says:

    you have what I want my friend…

  8. This is hilariously true – Moral of the story Keep it calm, cool and collected. Great post the best relationship definitely start from friendship:)

    • I’m glad you agree 🙂 If a couple can start off as friends, they can cherish their romantic relationship so much more. As long as they are honest from the start, there won’t be any surprises along the way.

  9. Swept.Out.To.Sea says:

    So true! Preach it brother! My boyfriend and I started off as friends at a party and six years later we are still together and have fun doing anything together because we are best friends. Key to picking up a lady don’t be a pretentious jerk 🙂

    • I am so happy to hear about that 🙂 You will always find love when you least expect it. And when you do, it will be someone you truly care about and do anything with. My girlfriend even told me after we had been dating for awhile that guys before have hit on her with pick up lines and it just automatically makes her skin crawl. Thanks for stopping by and I always appreciate the comments 🙂

  10. Iamrcc says:

    The real funny thing about this or not so funny is that it has not changed over the years. I’m too old to be on the receiving in of the pick line, but boys, young men and men were using them 30 years ago. You are quite correct. The best to approach in any meeting and developing relationship is honesty. Thanks for the visit and the like of my post “Ruffled Edges”.

  11. K. Jean King says:

    When my parents met in that bar, my mother walked up to my father and said, “Your shirt reminds me of being underwater.” …I guess the best ones just come to you.

    • I guess you’re right. If it works and they’re happy, there’s nothing else to worry about. I would have loved to see the face on your father’s face when she said that. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  12. LaurenSal says:

    YES !! This is so cute 🙂 loved it !!

  13. TomBoy says:

    This post is great! At first, I was thinking about last night when I told two guys that they should really move seats because my intern and her best friend were talking about how hot they were. Later in your post, I realized I am where you are with your girl. I don’t want to hit on some girl in a bar, but I’d rather meet someone, have a good conversation, find her attractive and then meet up for bikes and hikes. Common interests is what I’m seeking. I need a foundation, because I haven’t had one of those since high school and college. Thanks for writing about where I am.

    • I’m happy you could relate to the post. It’s great to see someone that is actually looking for a meaningful relationship than a silly fling. I am sure you will find a girl that is great and will love to go on some hikes and bikes 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed your Cup of Joe and hope you come back for a refill.

  14. Beloved says:

    i have my fair share on this subject! just yesterday, i was patiently knocking a door, at no avail, nobody answered me, here’s comes a guy, he opened the door by using his badge and told me not to tell anyone how he did it! however, when our path crossed yet again, i finally said thank you and surprising as it may sound, the guy just gave me a wink but he didn’t knew a machine was right in front of him. i think he got hit in the knee but i never bother to look back! a GP quietly utter, mind how you go!! hahahaha.

  15. Funny as we people are different minded. I agree so much about being honest from day 1. You never forget the truth. Thank you. Keep on the good writing.

  16. I was on the beach walking the dogs, There were about ten women in their forty’s, all on beach chairs talking and having a good time. As I approached one said “good morning.” I said good morning as well and then commented. “You guys on break from the modeling school?” After much laughter and more discussion that was voted the best pick up line they had heard. (I really wasn’t looking to pick up, but flatter, yes)

    • Great to hear. I think you were probably just being honest and that’s why they enjoyed the greeting 🙂 I have heard some horrible pickup lines that don’t even make sense to share with other people. Thanks for reading and sharing your story. I really enjoy hearing other people’s experiences with this.

  17. Very wise, and very amusing in the memories it brings back, you nailed the description of the average approach!! Oh, and the like button isn’t loading…sometimes it does after I post a comment so if it does Ill go and click ‘like’, but if it doesn’t, take this as a like. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed your Cup of Joe. I always appreciate a comment on my posts 🙂 When I was writing this, it reminded me of a lot of memories of my friends hitting on girls at the mall and movies. They never seemed to mind, but the uncomfortable faces the girls made were priceless. Hope you come back for a refill soon.

  18. jane says:

    Never follow advice from the Fonz, but I agree. the best relationships come from friendships. You’re so comfortable and honest the rest just falls into place.

    • I agree. It’s more nerve-wracking trying to be someone else than to just be honest. If you can form a relationship as friends, it will blossom into an even more beautiful romance. It’s weird to think Fonz never had any friends that were girls but had plenty of girlfriends. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  19. cherylfoston says:

    so true! The best way to start a relationship is by becoming friends and keeping it real. What a lucky girl you have. 🙂

  20. When I turned 21, I started working at a video store. This cute guy always came in and we made friendly small talk. One day, he walked around the store for over an hour.When he got up to the counter, he said he needed some help picking out a few movies and asked if I had a few spare minutes. The first movie was called “Dinner and a Movie”, followed by a “Saturday Night Live” comedy series. He ended with movies titled “Beautiful” and “Crush On You”. It played out like, “I was wondering if you wanted to grab dinner and a movie, this Saturday night, because I think you’re beautiful and I have a crush on you.”
    It was one of the most creative and romantic things that anyone has ever done for me. Although, we called it quits after four years together, we are still friends and it will always be such a good memory. I think it’s going to be tough to find someone who can top that lol

    • That is just a really creative way to ask someone out. It’s lovely and not a cheesy pickup line guys use. You’re lucky to have been with someone that creative and romantic. I wish more guys would be like that instead of making other ones look bad. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading a positive way to approach a girl 🙂

  21. tersiaburger says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. This is a great post.

  22. rebekkamitra says:

    I liked this! I’ve never really understood pick-up lines either. It’s the worst when a guy comes up to you and starts talking you up to prove something to his band of snickering friends. Although, worse than cheesy pick-up lines is probably when guys whistle at you on the street (and his friends laugh, as if he was some big, brave comedian) or call/honk at you from a car. I mean, what do they honestly expect? That I just run over to them and jump into their arms? I don’t really get it to be honest.

    • I think it has something to do with pride and feeling like they are great. In the end, the nice guys that are honest always find true friendships and relationships. I’m glad you enjoyed and thanks for commenting 🙂

  23. joefish77 says:

    There once was a beautiful woman that worked in the tanning salon next to the gym I frequented. Since I work in the sun and have no need for a tanning bed, I needed to knock on opportunities door myself. I did so by walking in one afternoon and asking if I could use the restroom. She nodded and pointed down the hall. I made it halfway to the door before I turned around, walked back to the desk, and told her “I don’t really need to use the bathroom, I just wanted to tell you that I think you are beautiful and wanted to know if you’d like to go out with me sometime”. A rigid interview ensued pertaining a multitude of questions about my motives behind this proposition. I must have passed the verbal exam for she gave me her number and went out later that week. We dated for quite some time before the time plug was pulled and she drained out of California. I still chat with her every now and then .

    • That is great to hear. It’s awesome to hear someone that was just straight up honest and didn’t put on an act with silly pick up lines. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you shared your story 🙂

  24. xdanigirl says:

    I don’t really go out much with friends, but when I do and we get hit on, pick up lines are by far my favorite thing!! It’s so much fun to hear what guys come up with!!

    • It’s crazy to think what comes out of their head that they think will work to get a girl’s attention. It probably is more enjoyable watching this then the actual party.

  25. silyoj says:

    Hi Jo, I love your site. I particularly liked this post. I’m very blessed in that my husband is also my best friend. What was startling, however, when we first started seeing each other, was the difference between my relationship with him and with any previous boyfriend. With him, even if we disagreed, there was a definite feeling that we both wanted to work to make it better, to make the disagreement go away, to make it last. It really struck me that it was going to take an atom bomb to break us up, as neither of us was prepared to give up (and we’re both VERY determined). And we’re still together with nearly 6 years of marriage (anniversary on Sunday) and 2 small boys. And I still feel the same way.
    Yours, feeling warm, fuzzy, blessed, and about-to-give-her-unsuspecting-husband-who’s-currently-perusing-his-iPad-on-the-sofa-a-big-kiss

    • It is crazy to think that a friendship can blossom into a beautiful relationship. I am glad to hear that you still have the same feelings for your husband you had when you two first were together. Thanks for reading and hope you come back to refill your Cup of Joe 🙂

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