The Black Sheep of the Week: Sunday

If any day of the week is a double-edged sword, it has to be Sunday. Those extra, few hours of curling up under your covers is not as relaxing as you would like because of the daily grind of the week creeping in steadily. You might have turned your alarm clock off for one more morning, but that annoying device is wound and ready to irritate your ear drums for the next five ones.

People love Friday so much, they even made a movie about it. Not just one, but three! (credit: Amazon)

People love Friday so much, they even made a movie about it. Not just one, but three! (credit: Amazon)

Beside having a love/hate relationship with this particular day, I feel like it is the blackย sheep of the week. It is still part of the weekend, but it is not appreciated as much as Friday and Saturday. It is weird because you still have to work on Friday, but people see it as crossing the finish line and having that feeling of hundred pounds dropping from their shoulders. Just like the first child, it’s always a shining spot in the family and gets praises such as “TGIF”.

Saturday is obviously the middle child of this dysfunctional group. Usually, I feel like the middle child is the one that is forgotten or the black sheep. However, Saturday is enjoyed as much as or even more than Friday. It is the perfect time of the week to sleep in and not worry when you wake up. You can be productive on this day or just lay on your couch eating Doritos and watching movie marathons. And when Saturday night rolls along, all caution is thrown to the wind. You can stay up all night drinking with your friends or playing Call of Duty until the sun comes up. Either way, you always have one more day of the weekend to fall back on.

Saturday even has a television show in its dedication called "SNL". (credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday even has a television show in its dedication called “SNL”. (credit: Wikipedia)

And this is where we find ourselves today: Sunday. I guess it is not only the black sheep but also the part of the family where a lot of the work gets pushed to. Friday and Saturday are fun days, where anything goes. However, the end of the weekend always gets to deal with the aftermath of those two. It is the day when people need to clean up after a party, take care of errands they put off, and finish up a project for school or work. A day that is supposed to be for resting has now turned into a time for rushing and stress. And forget about it if it’s football season. Then Sunday really has to hear the whines and complains of others. And what does Sunday get for putting up with all this. It gets no thanks whatsoever, only grief and misery.

While Sunday is different, it should still be appreciated every week. (credit: Wikipedia)

While Sunday is different, it should still be appreciated every week. (credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone loves their Fridays and Saturdays. They are cool ones from the weekend that likeย to party and go with the flow of things. They’re always ready for a good time, but sometimes you can’t rely on them. While Sunday is not as glamorous, it is a day that we can count on whenever we need it. And for that, I am thankful it is a part of my week.

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25 Responses to The Black Sheep of the Week: Sunday

  1. I have always dreaded Sunday. Too much anticipation built into it.

  2. I feel sorry for Sunday now. It’s like the third child that nobody wanted and they make it clear that it wasn’t wanted. No idea how to improve it though. Some stores are closed or have shorter hours on Sunday too.

  3. suzie81 says:

    Great post – I absolutely agree!!!

  4. Deb Scarfo says:

    I have the same “love-hate relationship” with Sundays too! Sunday nights, though, are the worst! Great post!

    • Thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚ You know that the week is breathing down your back right as the sun sets on Sunday. Worst feeling ever seeing that sun go down.

      • Deb Scarfo says:

        For sure. And yet, here we are again…..

      • Thank you for reading and your kind words. I learned the lesson at a really young age. Even though it was a tough one, I am glad I realized sooner than later. Love is one of the greatest feelings to experience, but why waste it on someone who isn’t right for you when you can cherish every drop of it with the right person. I’m glad you enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sorry, wrong response to a different article. But yeah, it felt like I just woke up and now Sunday is finally here again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Already getting prepared for the week as we speak.

      • Deb Scarfo says:

        Not me! I’m bloggin and chillin, in total denial of Monday’s imminent arrival! lol

      • Deb Scarfo says:

        And I’m sitting here blogging and trying to be in total denial of Monday’s imminent arrival! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Me too ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully, it’ll take away the string of the weekend ending.

  5. deanabo says:

    Sunday is my favorite day as well as my most mismanaged day. It is usually my only day off, so I spend it not doing what I should be doing.

    • I think everyone finds way to procrastinate on Sundays, when they could be doing something productive. This is why it is the black sheep of the weekends. Thanks for reading and commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. hughiegibson says:

    Nice, i dread sunday, almost as much as monday. Its just a day full of dreading Monday! Hahaha, i’d rather just jump into Monday but i guess that would make saturday the new sunday.

  7. I am really enjoying how your mind works! Awesome.

  8. thoughts in motion says:

    I absolutely adore my Sundays =) I work every friggin’ day of the week so I chose Sunday as my ‘time’ day. I do nothing monetarily-work related. I get outside, play, whatever….just no work. But that’s just me and when I held a “regular” job I despised Sunday! Interesting read though, very true

    • Sunday was meant to be a day of relaxation and it seems like you got it nailed down perfect. I like to take as much time to recover from the week on Sunday, but I can’t help but want to get things done still. I might have to steal a page from your book :). Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • thoughts in motion says:

        Well here it is July and my Sundays have turned just dreadful…work be damned!! No book as yet because I had to fill my Sundays with other nonsense! Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

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