Observation Is Mightier Than Action


How many times have you found yourself just observing in a particular situation than actually doing something?Β I can recall a countless number of times at the beginning of a party or meeting a new person where I would just watch everything going on around me. It wasn’t like I was going to be anti-social, whip out my Gameboy, and play Pokemon all night. I just feel more comfortable after I have a vibe for everything. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s an animalistic trait we have.


I noticed the other day something strange about my cat. Whenever she gets ready to rest, she needs to scope out every single part of the room. She sniffs every scent and even takes five minutes to kneed her kitty bed to ensure maximum safety. Watching this, I realized that I do the same thing. I don’t go around and sniff every person at the party or get my kitty bed prepared, but I like to walk around and see what’s going on. Whenever you go to a bar or party, you don’t stand in one spot the whole time. By the end of the night, you probably do laps around the place like its a workout. Not only does this hep me see how the night will play out, but I pick up on certain people and how they act.


My dog and cat hanging out on the bed; picture...

After checking out the room, this cat was finally comfortable enough to be around a new friend. It’s even from the opposite species. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When you first meet someone, they are just as nervous as you. They aren’t going to show their true colors to you right away. But you can see how they really are when you watching them and they aren’t paying attention. That may come off a bit weird, but I can guarantee everyone has people watched at the mall once or twice. Just by seeing how they interact with others can tell a lot about their character and how they want to be approached. It’s better to get a feel of how a person is then to go in right off the bat and act like you are long-lost best friends.


Some people might not agree with me. We all know that person who is a social butterfly and becomes the center of attention without even an introduction. Most of us aren’t like that and need to be slowly immersed in a situation instead of million things being thrown in our direction. I am not saying be the creepy kid hiding behind a plant or leaning against the wall having a party for one . I am just saying take a second to breath and really see what is happening around you. I bet you will be amazed to see all the things that many people have left unnoticed.


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21 Responses to Observation Is Mightier Than Action

  1. mattaspden28 says:

    This is me to a T. I am such an observer, a people watcher. Like how you’ve summed this up and chosen this to write about. πŸ™‚

  2. I ❀ people watching. I have this horrible thing, when I meet new people, inside I am freaking out. I always forget their name, and then feel like I smiled too big. I hate this is my reaction each time, no matter what the scenario. Knowing this, I now try not to sweat too hard, picture their names spelled out on their foreheads for memorization, and hope for the best.

    • I am the same exact way. I am the worst with names, and even forget some friend’s name after I don’t see them for awhile. It gives me a hard time trying to meet new people, but I just give it my best effort. I have found myself people watching. not even intentionally doing it. You never know what you are going to see. Thanks for the comment and hope you come for another Cup of Joe πŸ™‚

  3. mollykett says:

    This was was an interesting read, and definitely relatable! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you and I’m happy you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ It’s just more comfortable to get a feel for everything before jumping into a party. Hope you come back for another Cup of Joe

  4. aycorundum says:

    I always hang out in the plants…. its the best view!

    • Made me laugh when I read this. As long as you are happy, that is the most important thing. Either behind a plant or sitting on a couch, just remember to ease into whatever you are doing and be most comfortable for yourself. This will make things a lot more fun and better. Gonna have to check out the plant sometime πŸ™‚

      • aycorundum says:

        Oh heck…. I love to talk… you can’t get me to shut up half the time but sometimes I check out the plants just to keep things interesting!

  5. Are you speaking about my husband? *giggles*
    He’s just like that, in fact I noticed that about him before we were dating. Some may think he’s “watching and criticising/judging” when really all he’s doing is working out how to act around them. What’s acceptable and what’s not. He is quite the joker, so he kinda needs to read the crowd. Thanks for the insight!

    • Thanks for your comment and I’m happy you can relate. It’s just easier to meet someone and make it less awkward when you know how to approach them. That’s why so many people walk around a party or bar before they start to socialize because they want to feel comfortable enough. Hope you come back for another Cup of Joe πŸ™‚

  6. Sonya says:

    Pokemon? Holy throw back to forever ago, you still have a pokemon game? Or a gameboy? Gameboy predates Sega (both of which I never had but still shocking).

    I think you are onto something with the scoping out a party or a club, but not from a female perspective, I have never once done that… POINT ME TO THE DANCEFLOOR, oh there is no dance floor? THIS IS THE DANCEFLOOR PEOPLE. Then start dancing. However for a guy it makes perfect sense to get a feel for everything first. If you can foresee a problem with a guy before it becomes a problem, or a slutty bitchy scanky girl sober you are less likely to encounter her while drunk (maybe I am not sure… I have no experience with that).

    Just like icecream there are varying types of people… I think this post speaks to a lot of them πŸ™‚

    • I wish I still had my Gameboy, but I was stupid and lost it one I outgrew it. And a party is a like an ice cream shop, you have to look around before you start mixing flavors and getting the right cone for yourself. Let alone all the toppings that go with it πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and your great comment.

      • Sonya says:

        Yeah it was a fun read, I had to comment.

        31 flavors. You should yell that next time you are in the club. No, just kidding don’t do that.

  7. I like the animal comparison. I think that as people we would do well to mind how our animal friend instinctively act in situations similar to ours. After all, we were instinctual and ‘likeminded’ to them in the not-so-distant past. We can learn a lot from them.

    • Great point. We have definitely evolved a long, long, long way from our animal friends. But there are some animalistic traits buried deep in your behaviors I believe as well.

  8. andmorefood says:

    I completely agree with this! I tend to do the walk-around and see how I can interact with people – and find it pretty strange when people start becoming enthusiastic with me out of no reason.

    p.s. your cat sounds very adorable.

    • She is good cat. Shy and gentle, but I still love her. I’m happy you liked it. I always feel that the people who do observe before interactions always end up having the most fun and meeting people. Thanks for stopping by and commenting πŸ™‚

  9. invigor8u says:

    Great article! Very thought provoking.

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