I Didn’t Die My First Day Working


The fist day of a new job is like the first day of every school year. Everyone makes sure they look their absolute best. This is what I felt like this morning. I had all my clothes neatly folded out on my chair, with breakfast and a cup of joe brewing in a pot. I looked at myself in the mirror about a hundred times until I thought I was ready to head out. I took one final deep breath and headed out the door.

This was like going to high school all over again. It’s exciting because it is the beginning of something new. Not knowing what could happen is what makes it a great feeling but also gives us that deep pit of fear in the bottom of our stomach. However this time, I wasn’t that nervous, acne-plagued fourteen year old. I was confident and ready to start this new chapter.

Even though all I played out a million ridiculous scenarios in my head the night before, which included a zombie apocalypse happening only my first day working, now of that happened. All my co-workers were super nice and showed me everything I needed to that.  We all got to know each other and even started joking around. It didn’t feel awkward at all, it felt like I went away for a long time and just popped back into the group without a step missing.

The shot of an angry mob coming for Homer feat...

 Angry mob of customers in my dreams chasing me from work!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What about the customers gathering their pitchforks to haunt me down after I messed up their orders? I have to say I have never met so many nice people in my life. Not only were they patient with me as I was learning, but they even introduced themselves and started small talk. Even though the security guard buying lunch went out of his way to include me in some jokes he had with the customers and co-workers. Maybe I was still asleep or just delusional from sleep deprivation, but can work be a stress free place with nice people that care?And now I am back home with a huge smile on my face. After weeks of being rejected and offered horrible jobs, words can describe how happy I am with where I landed. I am thrilled to be apart of this work team and I hope it all works out in the end. For now, I think I can let my guard down and enjoy this new chapter in my life.

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4 Responses to I Didn’t Die My First Day Working

  1. Mocha says:

    Congrats man, I would say just strive to do your best everyday and the rest will just fall into place…

    • Thanks a lot bro, thats what I’m trying to do everyday. If you try and be productive, even if its one more pushup in the day, you are heading in the right direction. Keep up the great posts, motivating me to keep pushing toward my goals.

  2. Congrats on the job!

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