One Goal Down…Many More to Go

In my previous post, I wrote about setting small goals in order to achieve your really big ones. Well, today I can successfully say that my new attitude and game plan has paid off. One of my goals is to try to find a steady job. This morning, I was called in to meet someone about a potential work offer. It went extremely well as the manager and me joked about previous jobs and discussed what the open position entailed. I was impressed and even surprised by the amazing perks that were offered. At the end of it all, I was more than excited to possible work there. And to top if all off, I was offered the position too.

Even though I am extremely happy and will celebrate later with pizza, Dr. Pepper and the new Ironman, it amazes me how much has changed since I started with my new attitude. After not hearing back from one job, I would have given up and curled up in a fetal position in my bed ready to wither away. However, I sent in application after application. This came with rejection after rejection and few offers that I had to decline. But finally, my perserverance paid off and I got something even better than I had planned.

I need to continue with this and keep it rolling. I hate being rejected just as much as any other person either with relationships, jobs, or schools. But with rejection comes more understanding. You learn from failures and it will help you be more prepared for the next opportunity. My biggest problem growing up was I threw in the towel from the first mistake and never really gave it my all after that. Not anymore, I will keep preserving until I achieve what I set out to do. I think a good message to end this with is “As one window closes, another door opens.” You just need to keep trying till you find that right door.

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