Fear of Unknown

I think everyone experiences the big fish in a small pond feeling once in their life. In high school, all I imagined was breaking out of this small town and dancing( just kidding that was Flash Dance). But in all seriousness, I wanted to get out of my town and be independent. I felt tired of seeing all the same people and doing the same thing on the weekends. I thought I was being held back cause the world couldn’t handle what I was ready to dish out. However, after the excitement of graduation faded out I realized the world isn’t an easy oyster to crack that many people think it is.

In high school, I felt like I was trapped in a cage. Now that I am no longer in this closed setting I feel lost. I feel like a small fish in a huge ocean. I no longer have my close group of friends I can rely on or the guaranteed schedule I am used to. I am alone and have to make decisions on my own. Back in school, it seemed like everything was already laid out for you to do and someone was always watching. Now, people don’t care if I succeed or I fail miserably. This is one of the sad truths of growing up.

I think the big thing to do now is to not fear the unknown. The biggest transition from high school and moving forward is trying new things. It may be scary since everyone was used to doing the same thing and seeing the same people. Now, you are being thrown into the real world where you meet all sorts of people, some who may like you and some who won’t even say hi. Its just part of growing up and you need to put yourself out there. From making new friends to trying new things. You can be scared to do something and you never know that it could become something you love. I’ll admit, I’ve put off so many things in fear of failure or being ridiculed. But now I realized whats the worst that could happen. I don’t enjoy it and I move on. At least, I put myself out there and that’s part of growing up.

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