I Love Summer

Nothing gets me in a better mood than knowing summer is around the corner. It i just depressing bundling up with four layers of coats to keep warm every time you go out. And on top of the cold weather, you want to go to sleep at four o’clock since the sun has already  set in the winter. Times like these really make me want to live somewhere like Florida, California, or even Texas where it is warm and sunny all the time.

Now that the warm weather is here, it has finally hit me that another summer season is approaching. Every year, I always have these big plans to do so much in the summer. Then, it feels like it is over in a blink of an eye. And I’m looking back at my summer time thinking how did I let myself waste all of it. Well, this year I am not letting that happen again.

This year I am going to go out and actually do the things I want to. I’m going to relax on a beach and just lay there until I’m good and ready to get up, even if I’m burnt like the color of a lobster. I want to see every single movie that comes out and eat enough jumbo popcorn that I’m flossing the kernels out in the fall. Most of all, I want to be productive this summer. Everyone gets carried away with the warm weather and being laid back that they accomplish nothing. It is important to have fun and enjoy some rest and relaxation, but this summer I want to accomplish some things too. Well, maybe after the beach I can fit that in too.

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