Summer Jobs

One of the best parts about summer is finding a fun job that can put a little cash in your pocket. Working at a camp as a counselor with a bunch of people your age or being a life guard at your local pool could be where you meet new friends and have some of your favorite memories. It seems like such an easy thing to do until you actually show up to the place and ask for a job.

You’re usually greeted by a miserable employee who is tired of hunting for the application sheet. After the disgruntled gremlin hobbles back into the darkness not to be seen again, you fill out the paperwork with the best of hopes. After waiting for what seems like an hour, a manager appears out of thin air. Before you even say anything, he sees the sheets and you can tell he doesn’t want to bothered. If you didn’t want people to apply, then why did you put an ad on every job website saying you need people ASAP!!

You flash your best smile and try to be as polite as possible talking to the manager. He skims over the papers like it was a book he didn’t want to read. This makes you feel horrible after writing and erasing each answer about three times. After all of this, you get the famous answer, “We’re only taking applications right now.” After all of this, you can already tell you are doomed to be broke. You head back home and handle this rejection worse than an actual breakup: a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and The Notebook.

So many thoughts run through my head as I wait for calls to see if I am even considered. How did the miserable person that handed me the application sheet get a job and I can’t? The guy obviously doesn’t work since I never saw him again the whole hour I was there filling out everything. It makes me question everything about myself like I need to really look at my life up to this point. If I couldn’t get a job at the local restaurant, how am I ever going to find a real job later on. How can I not be qualified enough to work an entry level job that doesn’t require any prerequisites. After weeks of no call backs, I come to the conclusion I wasn’t good enough to flip a burger for a couple hours or carry some rich guy’s golf clubs for him. But the thing is, am I the loser? If you go back to were you applied, you can see the people they picked instead of you. It cracks me up to see how miserable and pathetic they look working the job I wanted. Sure, they can have it. I’ll wait until I find something I truly would enjoy working at.

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